Welcome to Our Home

Our Beth El family includes children and adults of all ages, religious upbringings, ethnic backgrounds and gender identities. You’ll feel embraced by our community right away in all parts of our home, from our classrooms and our playground to our social hall, sanctuary and garden. We work together to create a future of justice and healing for our world. Join us to learn, do meaningful work, sing through Shabbat and share your stories. We look forward to meeting you!

Rabbi Josh Breindel

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Jewish Living

Join Us for Services

Whether we pray together or find space for individual reflection, services at Beth El offer a combination of joy, high energy and quiet contemplation.

Celebrate Holidays

The flow of the Jewish year creates connection at Beth El. As the seasons change, each holiday brings new energy, new learning, and fresh opportunities to grow and rejoice together as a community.

Life Cycle Events

Buoyed by community and inspired by Torah, these life transitions are opportunities to reflect on where we have been and what lies ahead. They help us consider what is precious to us and to convey our most deeply held values.


Repair the World