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This “members only” section of our website is your resource for exchanging ideas, finding helpful information, signing up to read Torah, submitting an event for the home page, and downloading important forms and guidelines. This section will continue to evolve and expand based on the needs and suggestions of our members. Please direct any suggestions or comments to Sheila Goldberg or Alice Waugh.

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NEW: Ten Questions and Possible Answers for Discussions about the Israel-Hamas War

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  • Bboards — A place for members to share information, ask for referrals (plumbers, doctors, etc.) and offer free items.
  • Sanctuary — For discussions and possible actions in support of immigrants and refugees to our country.
  • Yachad (“Together”) — A place for members who are concerned about current societal issues as they intersect with ethical Judaism to share opinions, information and notices of events. 
  • GreenTeam — Enables Beth El members to share information on Beth El’s climate actions, possible climate actions in our own lives, and upcoming climate learning and advocacy events.
  • Antiracism Working Group — For learning, reflection, sharing information and taking action to dismantle racism within and beyond the Jewish community.

All lists support sending a daily digest instead of individual messages. If you’d like to change your subscription to daily digest mode instead of individual messages, you can do so via email. These links will automatically create an email with the correct subject — open the link and then just hit “send”: