Get Involved

We invite everyone to join one of the many groups and committees at Beth El. To see who’s currently in these groups, see the Member Area. If you’re not a Beth El member yet and are interested in joining, please see our Membership page or email

Adult Education Committee

The Adult Education Committee plans and organizes the educational programming for the congregation. The committee offers an array of programs including lectures, classes, discussions and films to attract audiences with a wide range of interests and backgrounds. Contact: Barbara Miller

Allocations Committee

The Allocations Committee allocates funds available from the Fund for the Future and the Beth El Fund for Jewish Education & Culture in support of the operations of Congregation Beth El. Contact: John Harper

Antiracism Working Group

Building on our Jewish commitments to social justice and solidarity with other historically subordinated groups, Beth El’s Antiracism Working Group mobilizes clergy, staff, leadership, and congregants to move toward becoming antiracist individuals and an antiracist congregation. Contact:

Audiovisual Committee

This committee is responsible for setting up, tearing down, and maintaining the equipment used to provide sound and video at services and events taking place at the temple. Contact: Jerry Kazin

Beautification Committee

This committee is dedicated to improving the overall appearance of the temple. To date it has worked with professional architects and designers to plan for and update the overall appearance of the building. Contact: Jerry Kazin

Chai Guys (Beth El’s softball team)

An opportunity to connect with other men at Beth El and enjoy some exercise and laughter. Beth El’s team is a member of the Men’s Shul Softball League. Contact: Jerry Kazin

Combating Antisemitism Task Force (CAST)

CAST is a small, committed group of congregants who are working to undermine antisemitism through education, outreach, and action — both within and outside of Beth El. We oversaw the adoption of the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism by our board of directors and the Sudbury Select Board and will use it as a vehicle to educate and activate our fellow citizens. We have also connected with faith-based and secular social justice groups around a movement we call “I’ve Got Your Back.” We respond to antisemitic incidents such as vandalism of Jewish property with an organized contacts list, and to campaigns such as the Mapping Project, and we participate in the ADL/URJ Kulanu (act against antisemitism) project. Contacts: Emmy Suhl and Martin Brauer

Communications and Outreach Committee

This group manages and updates the website, publicizes events at Beth El, and keep us current on social media. We also work with the Membership Committee and others to raise Beth El’s profile in order to attract new members. Contacts: Bridget Hodder and Lisa Breit. For website updates or corrections, please email Sheila Goldberg or Alice Waugh.

Covid Task Force

The Covid Task Force stays on top of the Covid-19 numbers in Massachusetts and our area as well as missives from the CDC. We bring our collective position as recommendations to Beth El’s board and the president for what actions we suggest Beth El take to maintain safety and health within the community, recognizing the importance of sustaining the community. Contact: Laurie Margolies

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee prepares forecasts of revenues and expenditures used by the Board of Directors in developing the annual budget and monitors actual trends in support of the board. Contact: John Harper

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee plans and executes major events, including wine tastings, auctions and other celebrations. Contact: Judith Goldberg


The gabbai core is a group of lay volunteers who work with bar and bat mitzvah families in preparation for the religious celebration. Contact: Debby Young

Gardening Committee

The work of the Garden Committee is to beautify the Gan HaDorot (garden of the generations) and building landscape. Having rescued the Gan HaDorot from neglect and deterioration more than 15 years ago and greatly expanding floral plantings well beyond it to enhance the building and other landscape areas, we continue our endeavors to be hands in partnership with nature. Contact: Gena Blinderman

Green Team

The Green Team (part of our tikkun olam efforts) is reducing Beth El’s collective carbon and environmental footprint and standing for environmental justice consistent with our traditions. We spearhead initiatives to reduce fossil fuel use by our own facilities, assist our congregation’s households in reducing their carbon footprint, and support advocacy and awareness efforts in defense of creation and a livable resilient world. Contact: John Harper

Hevra Kadisha (holy society)

The Hevra Kadisha Committee seeks to honor the dead and comfort the bereaved. They inform the congregation of a death in the Beth El family or extended family; announce shiva times; and arrange minyan services, providing leaders and prayerbooks. The hevra also maintains a memorial book in Beth El’s garden that includes the names of all deceased loved ones. If you’re a congregant who’s experienced the death of a loved one, please contact Beth Schine or call the office at 978-443-9622.

Hevra Mishpacha (caring community)

Hevra Mishpacha (“group of family”) is Beth El’s own caring community. We support one another in times of joy, times of sorrow, and times of need with assistance such as rides, meals, friendly visitation, small chores, and more. We can also be a nexus, connecting members with similar lived experiences as well as some links to community resources. We honor one another by taking care of one another. Contact: Jocylyn Bailin

Hevra Tzedakah (charitable giving partnership)

The Tzedakah Hevra collaboratively comes up with a roster of Jewish organizations locally, nationally, internationally, and within Israel — and, through pooling of our communal resources, supports these organizations monetarily. We continuously discuss issues and grapple with questions related to philanthropy. Contact: Ira Silver

House Committee

This committee works to maintain the appearance and functioning of the temple building — anything from fixing faucets to painting to furniture. Contact: Jerry Kazin

Inclusion Committee

The Inclusion Committee’s main focus is making all aspects of Judaism accessible to all of our members and the larger community. Through ongoing work and initiatives over the past several years, we have been addressing accessibility for all to include those who might have barriers to participation due to physical, mental, emotional, sensory and/or behavioral health concerns. Contact: Maxine Haron or Carrie Fuchs

Kehillah (membership) Committee

The Kehillah Committee focuses on recruitment and welcoming of new members, retention of existing members, and exit interviews with resigned members. We also host new member wine and cheese events and sometimes facilitate open houses. We need people who have great telephone interpersonal skills who love talking about Beth El. Contacts: Ann Barysh and Ann Kramer

Library Committee

The Beth El Library Committee is responsible for maintaining a collection of books, periodicals and newspapers that support the Judaica needs of the membership and staff.  The committee selects, orders and catalogues chiefly print materials for adults and children. The library’s holdings are indexed on Contacts: Stephanie Bennett and Jess Baker

Nominating/Leadership Development Committee

The Nominating Committee nominates congregants to serve on the board, supports board members during their service, and supports committees in developing future leaders. Contact: Jocylyn Bailin and Jim Billings

Safety and Security Task Force

This group develop plans to make Beth El as secure as possible after due diligence, which includes consulting with security experts. Contact: Ellen Glickman-Simon

Sanctuary Committee

The Sanctuary Committee is the committee that works in accordance with the Sanctuary Resolution, which was adopted by a nearly unanimous vote of the Congregation at our annual meeting of June 4, 2017. That resolution grounds our activity in the most repeated commandment in the Torah and is central to our religious tradition. In performing this work, we work personally in support of actual refugee families; we support legislation in aid of such people; we make connections between today’s refugees and the experiences of our own ancestors, both ancient and very recent. This work is ongoing, and changes as the political situation changes both at home and internationally. Contact: Carl Offner

Shir El

Feel the joy of joining with Beth Elers who love Jewish music and want to create beautiful harmonies to share with our community and beyond. While we don’t have a regular rehearsal schedule, Shir El sings for each Rosh Hashanah service and special events at Beth El, and has enjoyed numerous opportunities to bring the joy of our music to communities throughout the Boston area. Contact: Howard Boles

Tefillah (ritual) Committee

The Ritual/Tefillah Committee is dedicated to supporting and enhancing members’ ritual experience at Beth El on Shabbat and through the annual holiday cycle. We strive to create new and meaningful ways to daven (pray) while sustaining the traditions that bind us together. Contacts: Judith Lytel and Toby Kopman

Tikkun Olam (repair the world)

There are many opportunities for the congregation to fulfill our commitment to repair the world. Through our involvement in projects such as Habitat for Humanity, our annual food drive, and the Sanctuary Movement, we seek to make the world a more just place. Learn more on our Tikkun Olam page. Contact: Allison Alter

Torah and Haftarah readers

Each Shabbat, members of the congregation read or chant verses from the weekly Torah and Haftarah portions. Some members choose to read Torah to mark an anniversary or important birthday, or to honor the memory of a loved one. We have a wonderful support system in place for those who need help finding the perfect verses, learning the Hebrew words or hearing trope melodies. For more information or to sign up to read, please contact Debbie Feldman

Tsibur (community)

There are six teams of people who keep Beth El’s house in order: 

  • The Building Team is charged with making sure the physical plant is up to snuff (mechanical systems and the condition of the building).
  • The Garden Committee looks after maintenance of our grounds, including plantings in the Gan HaDorot (garden of the generations).
  • The Kitchen Team helps to keep the kitchen clean and organized. They make sure that food and drink brought into the building gets prepped, served, and cleaned up afterwards (and sometimes they even cook).
  • The Safety and Security Team holds various trainings, enhance the physical security of our building, brainstorm about how to make sure our food is prepared and served safely, and more.
  • The AV Team provides the audio and video support for services, studies, and special events. They make sure the sound in the sanctuary is clear and maintain Beth El’s live streaming and Zoom capabilities.
  • The Zoom Team provides Zoom hosting for all of our religious services and sometimes supports additional events such as speakers and musical performances.

If you are interested in helping out with any of these teams, please contact Jerry Kazin and he will put you in touch with the appropriate team leader. Meetings are on an ad hoc basis (it’s more about being available on an as-needed basis) and training is provided when required.

WASTY (We Are Sudbury Temple Youth)

Contact: Shoni Aronovich

Youth and Family Education Committee (YFEC)

Working in close collaboration with the Director of Youth and Family Education and the Director of Teen Engagement and Education, the Youth and Family Education committee oversees the development of strategies, programs, and policies to meet the learning and participation needs of congregational families with preschool thru high school-age children. Contact: Jane Brauer