Jewish Living

At Beth El, worship is defined by community. Whether we join together for an early Shabbat evening, Torah study and prayer on Shabbat morning, our annual Holocaust commemoration, or the second graders’ first service with their own prayer books, we fulfill the needs of our congregation to join hands, hearts and voices as one.

You’ll feel it when you walk through the doors of the sanctuary. Greetings, hugs, well wishes abound. Musical harmonies resound through the room. Little kids are quietly drawing in the back, running to their parents to join in the Sh’ma. Folks are already pouring wine and making salads in the kitchen. We take our communal responsibility seriously and joyfully each and every time we gather.

Our services offer a combination of joyous, high energy and contemplative quiet reflection. With an always developing mix of tradition and creativity, our prayers ring with both the powerful hold of our history and the immediate feelings of the day.

Step inside the space of our worship.