Todah Project

The Todah Project is Beth El’s way of thanking so many unrecognized workers that did hands-on caregiving and service delivery to those who would have suffered greatly without the work and devotion of these community helpers.

We are asking you to write a few simple thank-you notes. We’ll give you the names, addresses, sample thank you text, notecards and envelopes. Your job will be to write and send five thank you notes — three to the names we supply and two to community helpers to whom you’re personally grateful. These latter might be your child’s teacher, the public librarians that kept books circulating, the manager of your supermarket or healthcare workers who helped you stay healthy through the pandemic. There are so many folks that kept us going. Let’s thank them as Beth El members and as local community members. You will sign your own name, but the return address will be Beth El’s.

Packets of thank you cards will be available for everyone at Beth El on Saturday morning, November 13, on Sunday, November 14 and in the office during the week. Please take a packet and sign it out on the sign-out sheet. And then start thanking people.

This is not a fundraiser. However, if you are grateful to Beth El for this project (or anything else), you can make a donation to the “Todah Fund” at this link.