Summer speaker series 2022: “Rolling Darkness into Light”

Rabbi Yitzhak Eisik said:

“The motto of life is ‘Give and take.’
Everyone must be both a giver and a receiver.
He who is not both is as a barren tree.”

Many of us find it easier to offer support rather than to receive it. Jewish wisdom teaches us, however, that both are necessary in our lives. To bring ourselves into balance, the Summer Speaker Series will focus on those moments when we received deep and meaningful support from another person. We look forward to learning together as our Beth El member speakers share insights gained about themselves and their spiritual identity, the power of relationships, and and the meaning of being in community.

The following participants will speak during Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat services at 6 p.m. (click here for Zoom link):

  • July 1 — Gail Kazin
  • July 8 — Marjorie Raskin
  • July 15 — Roberta Unger
  • July 22 — Joel Moskowitz
  • July 29 — Elaine Barnartt-Goldstein