Lorel’s L’hitraot Farewell – A Lifelong Prayer in Song


Lorel visits the “Loving Lorel” art installation for the first time

Shir El reminiscence (June 6)

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“The Future of American Judaism” with guest Rabbi Nancy Flam (June 5)

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Contemplative Shabbat service with guest Rabbi Weinberg (April 10)

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“Sephardic Song and Sondheim” with Dan Goodman, Beth Schine and Belle Halpern (May 15)

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“The Words of Our Mouths” (March 6)

A poetry reading dedicated to Lorel Zar Kessler to celebrate her 31 years as inspiring cantor, committed teacher, and kind friend” with Beth Birnbaum, Bernard Horn, Joel Moskowitz, Rosie Rosenzweig, Mitch Rosenberg and Kris Thurston

“L’Hitra’ot” kickoff and Torah study (February 27)

Benyamin Lichtenstein on clarinet