Give and Gelt without Guilt

What should you do with your Judaica when you’re downsizing or decluttering? Your kids don’t want it, and you’d feel guilty giving it to Goodwill. Let them benefit other Jews as well as Beth EL through this summer fundraiser that runs from June 27 through August 23, 2022.

We can get those precious but no-longer-needed items to Jews in isolated, emerging, and returning Jewish communities around the globe. For a small donation, Beth El will recycle your extra or retired Jewish ritual objects, which will be distributed through Kulanu. See suggested list of Judaica and recycling fees below (no books, please!)

Our Judaica will be brought this fall to the Abayudaya community of Uganda (Abayudaya is Luganda for “people of Judah”), the 100-year-old community of subsistence farmers who converted to Judaism through the Conservative movement. The 3,000 members of the community live in nine different villages and have established a primary school and a high school with Jewish, Christian and Muslim teachers and students. The Abayudaya have also established a medical center that serves the entire region. Deaths from malaria have been reduced by 90%. The community is supported by Kulanu, which will carry our gifts to Uganda, and B’Chol Lashon, an NGO that raises awareness about Jewish diversity around the globe.  

Place ritual objects in a box or bag with your name on it. If possible, pin or tape a short description of its history to the object. That will create a meaningful connection between you and the receiver across the miles. Then place the box of items in the cantor’s office at Beth El. 

Suggested donation amounts:*

  • Tefillin: $25
  • Tallit: $20
  • Menorah/chanukiah: $10
  • Dreidels: $2-5
  • Challah/matzah cover: $10
  • Shofar: $25
  • Seder plate (unbreakable/not heavy): $20
  • All you can part with: $100

Kulanu supports Jewish communities in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe. You can also support the organization financially by leaving a check in the box with your donated Judaica. Or donate online here (select the Give and Gelt without Guilt when specifying the fund).

Show and tell/show and kvell — Before you drop your items off at Beth El, take a video or photo of yourself and the items, share a memory about them, and email your photo/video to She will get videos and photos posted on Mah Chadash, Beth El’s weekly member email.