Free first-year tuition & membership for new families!

What makes you feel you’ve chosen the right synagogue and religious school for your kids? Is it that you believe in the mission or the purpose? That you identify with the people there? Is it the physical place that inspires you, or is it more about the interactions that take place within? No matter what your reason, you need a way to experience an organization first-hand that is low-risk, on your own terms, welcoming, and accessible — and we’ve made that as easy as possible.

Looking for a synagogue and education program for your younger kids and family? With your free first year of tuition and family membership for new children in any of our K-12 education programs, everyone in your family is a full member of our organization with the same rights and privileges that our dues-paying members have. Learn more:

Is your teenager already a bar/bat mitzvah and wants to participate in Beth El’s teen programming? Even if they didn’t have their bar/bat mitzvah at Beth El, students in grades 8–12 and their families can also get a free first year of tuition and family membership at Beth El. This includes our various high school education programs and groups (service trips, HiBur, etc., have a separate cost). 

For more information, email Scott Newman, Director of Youth and Family Education, at, or Shoni Aronovich, Director of Teen Education and Engagement, at