You wouldn’t want to LIVE in a sukkah… would you?


Saturday, September 30, 2023    
1:30pm - 2:30pm

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While we might inhabit a sukkah for meals or even sleep in it for a week, for many families whose children attend our “adopted” school in Guatemala, their homes are almost as primitive. Vulnerable to the weather, little or no furniture, no running water… They’re not on a journey, as were our forbears whose transient existence we celebrate at Sukkot. But now some have the possibility of a better destination. Thanks to a generous donation by the Framingham Makerspace leaders for a plot of land, the Home Heart Project will result in the construction of 15-20 homes for the poorest families.

Join us right after Sukkot services to learn more about the project and the latest news from Julio, the school director on Zoom, and local volunteers and supporters. You can support the effort with a donation, help with construction, helping with our local fund-raising jewelry and weavings sales, shopping at our December 3 Mitzvah Mall, and telling your family, friends, and neighbors. Visit for more about the project and the school. Sponsored by the Sanctuary Committee’s Guatemala project.