What are God’s Pronouns? Exploring Gender and Divine Identity in Jewish Prayer Language


Saturday, April 13, 2024    
1:30pm - 2:30pm

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Jewish tradition offers us many names for the Divine and meditations on Who and What God is. Many of them are traditionally gendered male. How do you like to talk about, and to, God? How do you like to identify yourself in conversation with the Divine?

In this three-part course, join Cantor Vera for an exploration of what resonates with you, and how modern liturgists are building on our rich Jewish history to expand our possibilities for God-language and language for people who pray. We’ll start by looking at the diverse language for God that our traditional texts and liturgy offer us. Then we’ll turn to modern work that offers expansive gender diversity in language for the Holy One of Blessing and for each one of us.

Study material for April 13 session.

     What are God’s pronouns?

     Names of God

This program is in person and on Zoom. Registration requested for in-person attendance.

Our second class on May 18 will explore feminine language for God and pray-ers, and our third class will explore nonbinary language. This class will also serve as a community of practice and prayer lab, offering the opportunity to try out what we’re learning in our own prayer lives. The class will meet in the foyer and will be offered hybrid. The third class will be on June 15.