Living Through October 7: Personal Experience and Community Action


Saturday, June 15, 2024    
7:30pm - 9:30pm

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Eyal Tarchitzky of Dror Israel will share his family’s harrowing experience on October 7th, and how Dror Israel has implemented educational emergency response programs starting on October 8th. Eyal Tarchitzky is a member of Dror Israel, a grassroots educational organization, and lives with Dror’s educator community in Sderot, just two miles from the Gaza Strip.

On October 7th, Eyal’s partner Carmi was alone with their seven-month-old daughter in the safe room for 36 hours while terrorists roamed the streets outside their home. For the next three months Eyal and his family lived as evacuees in a hotel near the Dead Sea, where he was also responsible for Dror’s emergency relief programming. Since the outbreak of the war, Dror has provided therapeutic emotional-educational support, has established makeshift schools for tens of thousands of evacuee children and families, and continues to this day to lead afterschool and community programming for evacuated communities from Israel’s northern border and from close to the Gaza Strip. Eyal will share how Beth El can help.

This event is sponsored by the Adult Ed Committee. It will be at Beth El and on Zoom. To register, click here.