Shabbat Rinah

Shabbat Rinah (Shabbat of Joyous Song) is an innovative Friday evening service for people of all ages, in which music and personal expression of prayer are interwoven to both inspire and welcome those who participate. Seated in concentric circles, congregants are encouraged to join in joyous and meditative singing accompanied by talented congregant musicians. Led by the Cantor and Rabbi, melodies flow from one to the next, interspersed with poetic readings and personal reflections designed to enhance and inform the prayer experience.

Shabbat Rinah occurs approximately every six weeks during the fall, winter and spring. Upcoming Shabbat Rinah take place on:

  • January 19th at 8pm
  • February 14th at  8pm
  • March 28th at  6pm
  • April 25th at 6pm
  • May 9th  at  8pm

We look forward to having you join us.

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Being a new member, I was surprised at how friendly everyone is at Beth El. People just walked up and introduced themselves to me as if welcoming me into their own home.
— Beverly H