Thursday Morning Minyan

Morning Minyan 2

Known as the Hevra Yom Hamishi (Fellowship of the Fifth Day), for over 25 years Beth El members and non-members have been holding a lay-led Shacharit (morningservice in the Beth El sanctuary each Thursday morning at 7 a.m. People have often first come to the minyan (quorum required for public worship) to say Kaddish (memorial prayer) for a loved one and find the experience so enjoyable that they decide to return as regular attendees for years to come.

The minyan provides an opportunity to commemorate a yahrzeit (anniversary of a death), practice an upcoming Shabbat Torah reading, or simply enjoy a brief Shacharit (morning) service on a regular basis. Many Bar/Bat mitzvah families take the opportunity the minyan provides to do a practice run of their aliyahs (“going up” as to read from the Torah) before their formal Shabbat morning Torah readings. When Torah is read, the service lasts about 45 minutes. Otherwise the service takes only 30 minutes. Following services, those with sufficient time will often go out locally to enjoy breakfast together.

All are welcome and are encouraged to attend any time their schedule permits.

The opportunity for study, contemplation, and celebration at Beth El's bar mitzvah Torah class retreat enhanced the joy and meaning of the occasion and deepened our family's Jewish experience.
— Lisa B