Growing As Jews

The process of Jewish growth is a complex and multi-faceted task that involves learning, practice, questioning, and feeling. In order to foster Jewish growth in our students, Beth El builds its Religious School upon core values and principles. The following are the core Jewish values and principles we instill in our students to advance their joy and delight in Jewish growth and community:

  • Derech Eretz (The Moral Way)
    • Respect for peers, teachers, leaders
    • Responsibility for one’s actions
    • Concern for both the immediate community and the world at large
  • Talmud Torah (Study)
    • Appreciation of Jewish textual tradition
    • Relevance of Torah to our lives, our past, and our future
    • Interpret and question texts
  • T’fillah (Prayer)
    • Familiarity with Jewish liturgy
    • Personal spiritual expression
  • Ivrit(Hebrew)
    • Competency in Hebrew reading
    • Vocabulary to enhance the study of Torah and prayers
  • Z’man Yehudi (Jewish Time)
    • Awareness of the Jewish yearly cycle
    • Understanding of themes, rituals, and history of Jewish festivals
    • Integration of Jewish life cycle into one’s own life
  • Am Yisrael & Medinat Yisrael (Peoplehood)
    • Sense of connection with the State of Israel and the Jewish People
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Growing up with a Jewish identity, but no Jewish education, I never would have guessed that I would one day feel so at home at Beth El and call it 'my shul'.
— Steve B