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The core mission of Congregation Beth El’s Religious School is to foster Jewish growth through learning. We envision Jewish learning as a lifelong process that begins in the Religious School and is enhanced by learning in the home and community. We strive to instill in our students a love of Judaism and Torah that will motivate continued Jewish growth throughout their lives. Our dedicated teaching staff demonstrates their love of Jewish learning through their actions in the classroom and involvement at Congregation Beth El. We invite you to learn more about Beth El’s Religious School in these pages.

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Project Based Learning at Beth El Religious School

Congregation Beth El’s Religious School has now completed two years of being engaged in Project Based Learning with the 3rd – 6th Grades. With the support of a grant from CJP, we have introduced a new kind of experiential learning into our school. Under the guidance of teachers, and with very close, active involvement of teen madrichim (classroom aides) our students have been working in multi-aged teams to explore a number of different subjects, and design and create projects related to these subjects. Our study of middot  (soul traits, such as patience, loving-kindness) resulted in the publication of a book – “The Aleph-Bet Book of Middot: by Kids for Kids”; our exploration of prayer led to the recording of a CD of Shabbat Prayer – both original melodies and arrangements by the students, as well as contributions from guest artists from our congregation and beyond. Our latest project, an online guidebook to Israel, is the culmination of this past semester’s work. Beth El’s 10th Grade students participate each year in an exchange program with Israeli students in Haifa, hosting the Israeli students here in the fall, and traveling to Israel in February. The 3rd-6th graders decided to create a guide to Israel for the teens, to give some basic information to them prior to their trip, and to whet their curiosity. In turn, the teens came back from their trip this year with “artifacts” for the younger students from each of the places they visited. The younger students then used these artifacts to spark deeper knowledge as well as creative expressions about each of the sites in Israel. The result of this work is an online guide – “The A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s from the Golan Heights to the Dead Sea…”. Please click here  to read this unique guide to Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel).

What I discovered here was unlike anything we had ever experienced in the large Conservative congregations I had attended. I felt immediately drawn to this place.
— Les H