Secret Gifts Box

Matan B'Seder

There are many opportunities for observing the mitzvah of tzedakah (commandment for charitable giving) at Beth El. One is the Secret Gifts Box (Matan B’sayter) located outside the doors of the sanctuary. The Secret Gifts Box is a tangible reminder that to be a Jew means giving to others. In this case, the tzedakah placed inside the box is secret: the donor does not know who receives it and the recipient does not know the identity of the donor. In the past, funds have been distributed to a wide range of charities including those that deal with disaster relief, individuals or families in need within or outside of Beth El, camperships, food pantries, housing for the elderly, services for children, and humanitarian war relief. Congregants are encouraged not only to visit the Secret Gifts box but to make suggestions for allocations to the committee.

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Being a new member, I was surprised at how friendly everyone is at Beth El. People just walked up and introduced themselves to me as if welcoming me into their own home.
— Beverly H