Repair the World

Justice, justice, you shall pursue — Deuteronomy 16:20

Congregation Beth El has a longstanding commitment to social action – setting in motion the ideals and values of our traditions through deeds of justice and compassion.  Our community offers wonderful opportunities to respond to the imperfections of our world by engaging in meaningful service such as:

  • Providing health care for the uninsured
  • Directing charitable funds in insightful, purposeful ways
  • Feeding the poor
  • Advocating on behalf of the vulnerable
  • Lending a caring hand to Jewish communities around the globe
  • Empowering others to learn and succeed
  • Supporting and comforting those in their time of need

As we pursue the important work of creating a better world, we strengthen the relationships within our congregation and broaden our connections to other communities.  In doing so, we develop a better awareness and understanding of our responsibility to each other.  We show that we care, mentor our children and create meaningful change.

All are invited and encouraged to participate in the work of social justice.  Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome. Please contact Anne Kottler at

Upcoming Meetings and Events:

  • January 12th at 11:15AM
  • February 6th at 7PM
  • March 9th at 11:15AM
  • April 8th at 7PM
  • May 4th at 11AM – brunch
  • June 10th at 7PM

Contributions Needed:

FAMILY TABLE NEEDS YOUR HELP - Each month we need to collect 45 cans of Tuna Fish and 45 boxes/bags of brown rice (no larger than 2 lbs).  This is an ongoing endeavor so you can easily participate. Just drop off 2 lb bags of brown rice and tuna in the bin near the Religious School office.

Looking for a mitzvah to manage??? We are looking for a new coordinator for our Annual Blood Drive. The next blood drive is May 27, from 2-7.  Not that much work to organize so this would be a nice starter project for someone.  Contact Jordan Oshlag if you want to take this on

SAVE the Date May, 4th for the 1st Temple wide Tikun Olam Pot Luck Brunch. Find out about what social action activities are already going on and what the Tikun Olam Committee has planned for the future. This is a great opportunity to figure out how you (and your family) can get involved with any number of projects. Or, maybe even suggest a new one! Preteens and teens are welcome.

Coffee That Tastes Good and Does Good – Java nagila Fair Trade coffee
Email Judy Goldberg at  Tell her whether you want whole bean, French press, percolator grind, drip grind or espresso.  And tell her whether you want dark roast, light roast or decaf.  And then send her $60.  (All checks to be made out to Judy Goldberg)

Want to get involved? Contact or come to one of our next meetings.

MetroWest Free Medical Program – Please consider volunteering – Call 508-656-0740 or email

“Thank you so much to everyone who is part of the MetroWest Free Medical Program!  You took such good care of my mother.  Everyone here is so nice to us, we feel like royalty!  The doctors are really patient and we appreciate what you have done for her since she didn’t have insurance and couldn’t see  a doctor anywhere else.”   – Daughter of MW Free Medical Program patient


Torah Panels for the :  Torah Stitch by Stitch project

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Upcoming Events
Being a new member, I was surprised at how friendly everyone is at Beth El. People just walked up and introduced themselves to me as if welcoming me into their own home.
— Beverly H