Jews are “people of the book.” We teach, discuss and learn from texts, we study the words of Torah year in and year out. We are intimately tied to the written word. It makes sense that we’d have a good library. Beth El has a lovely, comprehensive library with books, magazines and materials available for every age and interest. We aim to help congregants be informed, literate Jews, to supplement the congregation’s educational programs for adults and youth, and to provide a collection that helps congregants in living a Jewish life.

Judaica, Hebrew text, commentaries, histories, novels, how-to-books, an extensive reference collection, and recent magazines of Jewish interest—you’ll find them all and more in the shelves of the Library—a room that also serves us for study sessions and meetings. Our Library Committee maintains it—and there’s even a card catalogue, telling you were you’ll find what you’re looking for. Congregants can sign out books to read at home (no fines, just please return it when you’re done).

The Library is accessible whenever the building is open; browsers welcome! Interested in donating a book? Check with the Library Committee to make sure we can take it. And, of course, happy reading.

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When my nephew was 4 years old he came to visit and sat in services with me. After about an hour he whispered, "Aunt Susan, I can feel G-d here." I smiled, "Me too, Daniel, that's why I come here."
— Susan T