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What would cause you to get involved with an organization?  Is it that you believe in the mission or the purpose?  That you identify with the people there?  Is it the physical place that inspires you?  Or is it more about the interactions that take place within the organization?

No matter what your reason is, you need a way to experience an organization first-hand that is low-risk, on your own terms, welcoming ,and accessible.

WELCOME TO BETH EL.  Truly. Welcome!

“Beth El is a forward-thinking, progressive, relational, and continuously evolving congregation that  embraces the fact that its members are on a life-long journey.  It is a congregation that attracts down-to-earth people who care about each other, their neighbors, and the world.

 We, the people of Beth El welcome strangers, care for the sick, and comfort the bereaved. We serve as a sanctuary for those in need.  We rejoice, cry, and laugh together.  We convey values to our children through action derived from words that are thousands of years in the making, and still relevant today.   We strive to be modern, inclusive, innovative, spiritual, and guided by timeless indisputable values of our heritage.  We are Beit Eil.  Beth El – the “House of God. “

It starts right here, right now, on this web page.  Take advantage of our FREE year of tuition.  REALIZE that with a free year of tuition in grades Pre-K through 5th, you are considered a full member of our organization with the same rights and privileges that our paying dues members have.  Click the image below to email me and start the Journey!  Alternatively you can click here to be taken to the registration page.

-Scott Newman
Director of Youth and Family Education

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The opportunity for study, contemplation, and celebration at Beth El's bar mitzvah Torah class retreat enhanced the joy and meaning of the occasion and deepened our family's Jewish experience.
— Lisa B